LFN Tools

The LFN Tools are a collection of alternative DOS commands that support long file names. The following commands are provided:

Note that these utilities do not provide access to long filenames to other programs (e.g. your editor will still see only short filenames, unless it has LFN support itself). If you want long filenames in other programs, take a look at LFNDOS, which implements the Windows 95 LFN API under DOS. This allows programs that handle long filenames under Windows to handle them under DOS as well.

If LFNDOS gives access to long filenames from any program, why have the LFN Tools at all? Well, the LFN Tools also handle long filenames on CD-ROM, and some versions of DOS (notably FreeDOS) do not support long filenames (i.e. DIR will display only short names, even if LFNDOS is loaded). For these cases, you may want to use the LFN Tools.


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